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Why Wudang Mountain Should be Preserved?

1. Exceptional artistic, cultural, and historical values

  • The ancient building complex in Wudang Mountains is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that holds exceptional artistic, cultural, and historical values
  • The palaces and temples which form the nucleus of this group of secular and religious buildings exemplify the architectural and artistic achievements of China’s Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties.

  • The complex was designed to fit the Taoist principle of harmony between man and nature. Its buildings are cited as a museum of ancient Chinese design and thought. A thousand years of lightning, storms and winds only make them more magnificent.
  • The buildings have won wide acclaim in architectural circles. Two United Nations experts wrote that they think the Wudang Mountains are among the beautiful places on earth due to its exquisite architectural design.

2. Martial Arts

  • The world well-known Tai Chi was actually created there on Wudang Mountain.
  • Martial Art of Wudang Mountains is one of the most influential Kung Fu sects in China;

  • Many martial arts likers visit there from different countries and regions to feel its charm and the benefits to their bodies and minds.
  • We could find some Taoist priests practicing Tai Chi and other martial arts.

  • In Wudang Mountain, a World Natural and Cultural Heritage Site, you could enrich your knowledge about the Wudang Martial Arts, appreciate the widely different authentic views to purify your eyes and mind.

3. Taoist Holy Land

  • Wudang Mountain has long been a cherished Taoist Mountain in China for thousand of years, and now also a famed scenic area to explore the Taoist culture as well as enjoy the beautiful natural scenery. 

  • Wudang Mountains has been a Taoist holy land in China for thousands of years. We could find some Taoist priests practicing Tai Chi and other martial arts.

4. Taoism Religious

  • Taoism religious culture, music, herbs, health preservation, etc., has been thriving in the Wudang Mountains.

  • The study revealed that wine, tea and bath were most popular forms of administration in Taoist medicine.
  • Taoist medicine culture can have its characteristics and bring honor to the world cultural heritageWudang Mountains, and then make greater contributions for human health and longevity


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