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Three Functions of Leuser Ecosystem

3 Functions Leuser Ecosystem :

LEUSER– Ecology Function
Leuser Ecosystem is a landscape with stretch of large forest which has the highest biodiversity (has many kind of trees) in the world. Leuser ecosystem has 5 main species which life side by side (tiger, rhino, elephant, orangutan, bear). Besides that, Leuser Ecosystem has important function that as preventive ecology disaster like flood, landslide, drought, and the other disaster. It caused of there are absorption power (special for flood), toughen soil structure, supply water when dry season is happening.

– Economy Function
We can see from dependence side of local society to forest, Leuser Ecosystem has 2 kinds of forest products that forest wood and non wood.
– Forest Wood products : wood, timber etc.
– Forest non wood products : rattan, damar, wallet, fish etc

– Social-cultural function
Society around Leuser Ecosystem has local wisdom to forest conservation efforts :
1st example : society in South Aceh where if someone gives birth a daughter so she is required customiraly to plant 2 hard tree trunks (like durian or other trees which can produce wood) where one day later they will be used as material to make a house when the daughter be adult and marry
2nd example : the customary rules of most of the village in Aceh are about watersheed protection efforts in Leuser Ecosystem so established the village rules which forbid fish poisoning efforts, illegal logging efforts at riverside.
3rd example : Establishing custom devices village and it’s special for forest protection that : forest handler, run off (derivative rain) which not restrained by the soil and it causes landslide, and then soil on the land be carried to the river and it causes the drought at water which one of the effects is harm 5 millions aceh people.


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