• Revolution : a huge fast or basically change in a country
  • Industry : a process to create or to produce something

Before Industrial Revolution :

  • Before 18th century (industrial revolution), economy system in Europe People depended on agrarian economy system.
  • Europe people worked of using the manual tools and relied on the power of hands and feet. It meant, these tools would not work if there were no both of them. These tools were mattock, shovel, short machete, saw, knife, measurement, hammer, etc.

After Industrial Revolution :

  • After 18th , it had a huge change in Europe people. There was the machine as production tools at some factories replacing human and animals power.

“This change was called INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION”

 So, “ INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION is an event which changes agrarian economy system become industry economy system which uses machine power as the production tools replacing human and animals power”.


Industrial Revolution in Europe was begun in England. Then, in the first 19th century, it began to deploy in other Europe Countries and in America

Factors of background causing Industrial Revolution were :

  • England had the good security
  • Manufacture and entrepreneurship was thriving
  • England had the nature wealth especially coal and iron ore
  • England had many colony regions
  • Agrarian Revolution
  • Liberal Economy was thriving
  • Technology and science development


The technology and science development in England was very successful because of support by security and politic factor. The other factors was some inventions done by :

  • Abraham Darby : COAL inventor
  • Isaac Merrit Singer : SINGER Machine inventor
  • Blaise Pascal : ARITHMETIC Machine inventor
  • James Watt : God of Industry Revolution : STEAM Machine inventor
  • George Stephenson : LOCOMOTIVE inventor
  • Nicholas Joseph Cugnot (French) and Gottlieb Daimler (Germany) : STEAM CAR Founder
  • Henry Ford : the car factory founder in Detroit in 1876.

For 1 century, about 1860, Industrial Revolution entered the different new fase from previously, named the second Industry Revolution.

The Second Industrial Revolution had 3 events :

  • The Bessemer Process Development in creating the steal in 1856
  • Perfect the Dynamo in 1873
  • Create the combustion machine in 1876


Industrial Revolution changed England to become the progressive and modern country. Industrial Revolution also caused the change in economy, social and politic in England and other countries such :

  • Momentous Industry (economy)
  • Bourgeois and worker class (Social)
  • Migration to the city (Social)
  • Modern Capitalism (economy)
  • Cheaper and copious goods (economy)


  • Industrial Revolution in England was too rapid in changing the economy using machine.
  • Industrial Revolution in England produced many scientists and technology inventors with the results that the economy change was dominated by industry and produced by machine and it could import to other countries.
  • England was the number one in Europe who mastered industrial technology and big industry that can give the prosperous to it’s people in economy, politic and social live.

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